How long to go?
How long to go?

Although we may not have any plans to make any more Cynic we are still very much celebrating its existence. In fact Ted recently embarked on two live-streams where he offered a behind-the-scenes look at every episode from his warped perspective. These offer a highly unique view of the show so please, enjoy!


The team at Cynic have been contacted in the last 24 hours by people pointing out the similarities in concept, tone and style between our show and “A brief history of Tim.

Whilst Ted has never met Tim he did once write a blog in support of him when he was ejected from a pub having been mistaken for a drunk man (something we certainly have in common, amongst many other things).

Cynic was conceived in 2013 when Mat Troy and Paul Hunt approached Ted with the idea of a Curb Your Enthusiasm style web series about the life of a man with cerebral palsy who is also a comedian. Since 2014 we have released 8 full episodes and a number of ‘specials’.

Cynic has shown Ted on dates, with girlfriends, trying to get to gigs and even the odd masturbation joke. We wanted to prove that comedy could be made featuring disabled characters who rather than being figures of sympathy could in fact be arseholes. We have often repeated the phrase “His only disability is his bad attitude” or “His only disability is that he’s an arsehole”.

In 2014 and 2015 Cynic was shortlisted for the Raindance Web Festival and Ted was nominated for best newcomer in 2014. We were also nominated for best creative concept at the 2015 Miami Web Fest.

We have never pitched Cynic directly to the BBC although the show has been consistently mentioned in applications to various BBC writing schemes. These schemes, as far as we believe have no connection to the production team of “A Brief History of Tim”.

The arrival of “A Brief History of Tim” means that we now have to decide what to do next with Cynic. Whilst in 2013 we believed we had a unique concept and story to tell this can no longer be said to be true.

People are going to think we are an imitation, copying “A Brief History of Tim” given the similarities in tone, themes and content.

Whilst we think about our next steps we would appreciate your support. We ask that no-one is threatening or confrontational to the BBC or those involved in “A Brief History of Tim”.

If you want to support us you can start sharing our old episodes. Even tweet or Facebook @BBCThree using the #comedyfeeds and in a friendly, and un-Cynic like manner point out the similarities.

Whilst we are personally disappointed that another show similar to Cynic has been commissioned and we didn’t get to make it we are pleased that “A Brief History of Tim” has been well received, and even more pleased that although fewer people saw Cynic, that we got there first.

*To watch our series Cynic in order simply use this Youtube playlist.

Miami Web Festival

We have neglected our blog for a while but in case you’ve missed our recent social media output we are very happy to say Cynic is now an official part of Miami Web Festival 2015!


With this you can vote for us in their online audience vote which we urge fans to do (it only takes an email address and the word ‘Cynic’).

Plus we are very pleased to discover we’ve been nominated for the ‘Best Creative Concept’ award! So please keep viewing, sharing and voting and we’ll have a second season ready before too long.

Thanks for the support.

New plans, new links

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this blog of ours but we’re still here! We are currently planning our next series tackling the question ‘How will Ted cope with a girlfriend?’, your guess is as good as ours so don’t expect anything tomorrow but it will be worth the wait. In the meantime we have been throwing you a few treats, for example did you catch the clips we ran on our Facebook page last week? Here’s a particular favourite if you didn’t.

Plus to get you (and us) ready for another series we have a somewhat tardy (calm down Ted, that word is fine in that context) Valentine’s Day special in the pipeline which we promise will be epic – even if not romantic. The bulk of the episode takes place in a restaurant for which we were very lucky to use The Empire.


Lastly, due to various reasons, we have reuploaded ‘Date’ ( and ‘Spastic Dating’ ( to Youtube, we’ve updated most of the sites that link to them but should you need the direct links here they are.


Merry Christmas all!

Since it’s that time of year we’d like to wish all our fans and supporters a very merry Christmas and thanks for all the support over the last year, it really has been a blast.

Oh and no series is complete without a Christmas Special, so with the help of guest editor/director Dom Farelli (Geraint was away) we threw together a very very special version of Fairytale Of New York, enjoy!

The End Is Near

It brings us pleasure to say we are nearly at the end of what we are calling Series 1! We recently embarked on the mammoth task of shooting the finale which took some seven hours and we still have one more scene to film. It is our hope to have it up in the not-too-distant future and even Ted is optimistic it will look great.

Shooting the finale was a wonderful opportunity to see where we’ve come since our first episode – or even our original trailer – and how far we still can go. The mammoth time it took should give indication it was not easy, although it was one of the last episodes wrote it was still before we really got to know our cameraman/editor/director and what he can do easily and not so easily; figuring out how certain scenes should be tackled took a lot of time on the day. It is our hope that when we embark on the second series we’ll be even more aware what works and how to tackle shoots in the most time effective way – thus hopefully delivering you episodes in quicker succession.

Below are a few points we’ve learnt over the series.

  1. Shooting at ‘home’ (for the purposes of Cynic the ‘home’ set is Ted’s actual home but it is anywhere the series is based) is relatively simple anywhere else isn’t.
  2. Editing takes an ice-age so cut the dude some slack! It’s the internet, no-one really cares how long episodes take to go up, just be sure they are great and not rushed.
  3. Banging on about your show on Facebook just bores the 10% who see your posts while the other 90% remain clueless.
  4. Being ‘niche’ does not imply your core fan-base will be a hardcore one.
  5. Third-parties re-blogging/tweeting/sharing your work gains so much more traction than you doing so. No-one trusts ‘I made this, it’s good’ as the bias is blatant but ‘these dudes made this, it’s good’ carries far more credit and will prove much more fruitful.

However we’ve definitely had our highs, the amount of corpsing in the ‘Gags’ episode should give an indication of how fun filming each episode was. And even if it took us a few episodes to find our feet, Metaphorically Speaking, Kim and Kerb Your Enthusiasm will always bring us much pride.

Below are a few photos taken during the finale shoot showing its equal weight in fun and hard-work.

Producer Geraint working out the logistics of filming Ted (currently sitting in his audience) on stage.

Hard at work, thinking hard.
Hard at work, thinking hard.


Ted’s fictional audience getting into ‘not laughing’ mode

Ted's fictional audience practice their reactions.
Ted’s fictional audience practice their reactions.


(Not from a scene) Ted and Charlie exhausted

How long to go?
How long to go?

Secondly, we are touched that fair few responded to our desperate (and overly-optimistic) plea to vote for us in the ‘Best Internet Comedy’ category of The British Comedy Awards, we doubt we’ll make the nomination but this is great for circulation so thank you! However a few have ‘congratulated’ us on this, and we’d like to say: no, this really is nothing. That wasn’t modesty, that was the truth. Anybody could submit a video for this vote, as did we, so for the record we haven’t been nominated for anything. Undeniably having a video on the ‘British Comedy Awards’ site looks good and may trick a few people into thinking we’ve jumped through more hoops than we did, so feel free to think this but it didn’t come from us!

Right that’s it for now, hope to see some of you at Raindance!


Good news is like a baby – things will go very wrong if Ted delivers it. With that in mind we, Cynic’s producers, would like to tell you that Cynic has made it into Raindance Webfest 2014! It may not surprise some viewers that the episode chosen to be shown is Kerb Your Enthusiasm, a valid choice for the name alone we felt.

We’ll be part of the WEB FEST PROGRAMME 2 which is an hour long starting on the Saturday at 13:30.

“But we can watch the episode anywhere!”, you say. Well no, because we’ve rerecorded the audio to bring you an extra special ‘Raindance Exclusive’. Our multi-talented friends Aisling Bell (who drew the short straw and ended up cast as Cassandra) and Craig MacDonald (who helped us out brilliantly filming Kerb as well as playing a care-free IPhone user) recorded near-note-perfect parodies of both Curb Your Enthusiasm themes at the prestigious Red Room.


Also Ted’s on some panel about diversity (come if only to see Ted try being vaguely PC) at 14:30 the next day.

EDIT: being the shameless self-promotionalists we are we wrote this before the announcement, however unknown to us until now is Ted has been nominated for the ‘Raindance Discovery Award’ – god knows what this will do to his ego; so for damage-limitation we’d like to remind you his penis is tiny.

Hope to see you there!

(Yeah you got us, this was written by Ted! And the penis thing was a joke.

Note from Mat: it definitely wasn’t a joke.)


I have been betrayed. A few days ago I met up with the people working on this multi-part documentary about how great I am only to be told there’s going to be a huge wait until the final episode. Luckily I pre-empted them pulling something like this and had a back-up plan for an easy-to-film part which would have fitted in just perfectly.

Although it took some persuasion they promised me they’d sort it out and have it ready to go up in a fortnight and on being handed the draft they seemed happy with it. Much to my surprise –and I suppose I have to give them credit for this- they sent me what looked like a draft of the episode without doing any filming. Perhaps warning bells should have started ringing but as we have a lot of unused footage I just assumed they found everything they needed already in the can.

I then watched this excuse for a draft only to be appalled so much I had to rush off for a shit. What they’d done is filmed the meeting we had and edited it to make me look like a warped, deranged and demanding arsehole – ‘editing trickery’ I think is the correct term for that. But it doesn’t stop there, in assuming I’d notice the somewhat short duration of the episode they padded it out with a selection of footage I specifically asked them not to use as it is clearly below par.

Purely for the purposes of showing you just what I have to work with I have included this awful, hideous film below. Prepare to be appalled.

(PS as this is the first real blog we’ve posted we’d like to clarify this is Ted talking ‘in character’, but yeah subtlety isn’t Ted’s thing so you should have noticed!)

Greetings viewer!

Six episodes into the series we thought we’d best start our own website – and not just a little page on Ted’s largely defunct site, so here it is! Think of it as a work-in-progress as Ted’s a bit rusty with WordPress and how it randomly allows you to do somethings at the click of a button but not others (a Ted V WordPress episode maybe??), but anyway you can currently read about our cast, watch every episode and find out what the eff we’re about. Enough for now, eh?


His Only Disability Is A Bad Attitude