The team at Cynic have been contacted in the last 24 hours by people pointing out the similarities in concept, tone and style between our show and “A brief history of Tim.

Whilst Ted has never met Tim he did once write a blog in support of him when he was ejected from a pub having been mistaken for a drunk man (something we certainly have in common, amongst many other things).

Cynic was conceived in 2013 when Mat Troy and Paul Hunt approached Ted with the idea of a Curb Your Enthusiasm style web series about the life of a man with cerebral palsy who is also a comedian. Since 2014 we have released 8 full episodes and a number of ‘specials’.

Cynic has shown Ted on dates, with girlfriends, trying to get to gigs and even the odd masturbation joke. We wanted to prove that comedy could be made featuring disabled characters who rather than being figures of sympathy could in fact be arseholes. We have often repeated the phrase “His only disability is his bad attitude” or “His only disability is that he’s an arsehole”.

In 2014 and 2015 Cynic was shortlisted for the Raindance Web Festival and Ted was nominated for best newcomer in 2014. We were also nominated for best creative concept at the 2015 Miami Web Fest.

We have never pitched Cynic directly to the BBC although the show has been consistently mentioned in applications to various BBC writing schemes. These schemes, as far as we believe have no connection to the production team of “A Brief History of Tim”.

The arrival of “A Brief History of Tim” means that we now have to decide what to do next with Cynic. Whilst in 2013 we believed we had a unique concept and story to tell this can no longer be said to be true.

People are going to think we are an imitation, copying “A Brief History of Tim” given the similarities in tone, themes and content.

Whilst we think about our next steps we would appreciate your support. We ask that no-one is threatening or confrontational to the BBC or those involved in “A Brief History of Tim”.

If you want to support us you can start sharing our old episodes. Even tweet or Facebook @BBCThree using the #comedyfeeds and in a friendly, and un-Cynic like manner point out the similarities.

Whilst we are personally disappointed that another show similar to Cynic has been commissioned and we didn’t get to make it we are pleased that “A Brief History of Tim” has been well received, and even more pleased that although fewer people saw Cynic, that we got there first.

*To watch our series Cynic in order simply use this Youtube playlist.

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