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Good news is like a baby – things will go very wrong if Ted delivers it. With that in mind we, Cynic’s producers, would like to tell you that Cynic has made it into Raindance Webfest 2014! It may not surprise some viewers that the episode chosen to be shown is Kerb Your Enthusiasm, a valid choice for the name alone we felt.

We’ll be part of the WEB FEST PROGRAMME 2 which is an hour long starting on the Saturday at 13:30.

“But we can watch the episode anywhere!”, you say. Well no, because we’ve rerecorded the audio to bring you an extra special ‘Raindance Exclusive’. Our multi-talented friends Aisling Bell (who drew the short straw and ended up cast as Cassandra) and Craig MacDonald (who helped us out brilliantly filming Kerb as well as playing a care-free IPhone user) recorded near-note-perfect parodies of both Curb Your Enthusiasm themes at the prestigious Red Room.


Also Ted’s on some panel about diversity (come if only to see Ted try being vaguely PC) at 14:30 the next day.

EDIT: being the shameless self-promotionalists we are we wrote this before the announcement, however unknown to us until now is Ted has been nominated for the ‘Raindance Discovery Award’ – god knows what this will do to his ego; so for damage-limitation we’d like to remind you his penis is tiny.

Hope to see you there!

(Yeah you got us, this was written by Ted! And the penis thing was a joke.

Note from Mat: it definitely wasn’t a joke.)