The End Is Near

It brings us pleasure to say we are nearly at the end of what we are calling Series 1! We recently embarked on the mammoth task of shooting the finale which took some seven hours and we still have one more scene to film. It is our hope to have it up in the not-too-distant future and even Ted is optimistic it will look great.

Shooting the finale was a wonderful opportunity to see where we’ve come since our first episode – or even our original trailer – and how far we still can go. The mammoth time it took should give indication it was not easy, although it was one of the last episodes wrote it was still before we really got to know our cameraman/editor/director and what he can do easily and not so easily; figuring out how certain scenes should be tackled took a lot of time on the day. It is our hope that when we embark on the second series we’ll be even more aware what works and how to tackle shoots in the most time effective way – thus hopefully delivering you episodes in quicker succession.

Below are a few points we’ve learnt over the series.

  1. Shooting at ‘home’ (for the purposes of Cynic the ‘home’ set is Ted’s actual home but it is anywhere the series is based) is relatively simple anywhere else isn’t.
  2. Editing takes an ice-age so cut the dude some slack! It’s the internet, no-one really cares how long episodes take to go up, just be sure they are great and not rushed.
  3. Banging on about your show on Facebook just bores the 10% who see your posts while the other 90% remain clueless.
  4. Being ‘niche’ does not imply your core fan-base will be a hardcore one.
  5. Third-parties re-blogging/tweeting/sharing your work gains so much more traction than you doing so. No-one trusts ‘I made this, it’s good’ as the bias is blatant but ‘these dudes made this, it’s good’ carries far more credit and will prove much more fruitful.

However we’ve definitely had our highs, the amount of corpsing in the ‘Gags’ episode should give an indication of how fun filming each episode was. And even if it took us a few episodes to find our feet, Metaphorically Speaking, Kim and Kerb Your Enthusiasm will always bring us much pride.

Below are a few photos taken during the finale shoot showing its equal weight in fun and hard-work.

Producer Geraint working out the logistics of filming Ted (currently sitting in his audience) on stage.

Hard at work, thinking hard.
Hard at work, thinking hard.


Ted’s fictional audience getting into ‘not laughing’ mode

Ted's fictional audience practice their reactions.
Ted’s fictional audience practice their reactions.


(Not from a scene) Ted and Charlie exhausted

How long to go?
How long to go?

Secondly, we are touched that fair few responded to our desperate (and overly-optimistic) plea to vote for us in the ‘Best Internet Comedy’ category of The British Comedy Awards, we doubt we’ll make the nomination but this is great for circulation so thank you! However a few have ‘congratulated’ us on this, and we’d like to say: no, this really is nothing. That wasn’t modesty, that was the truth. Anybody could submit a video for this vote, as did we, so for the record we haven’t been nominated for anything. Undeniably having a video on the ‘British Comedy Awards’ site looks good and may trick a few people into thinking we’ve jumped through more hoops than we did, so feel free to think this but it didn’t come from us!

Right that’s it for now, hope to see some of you at Raindance!

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